Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness

It hit me when I was about three quarters of the way done with weeding the garden yesterday. There's a hurricane coming. Darn. Why did I think that weeding was a good idea now? There is actually a time when weeds are good for a garden. Like when a major storm is coming and that's all that is growing in there. There are a few weeds left. Hopefully it'll be enough to prevent most of the erosion if the storm is as bad as they think it will be.

By now everyone has heard that Hurricane Irene is headed in our general direction. We won't know what impact to expect until the storm gets here. Sure, weather forecasters can make educated guesses about where the hurricane might head, but that is all they are, guesses. As for me and mine, we're staying home, hunkering down and looking forward to board games by candlelight. 

Not that I'm taking Irene lightly. In reality I'm a little bit nervous this time around. I know that everything will be fine. I'm just a teeny, tiny bit worried. My biggest fear? That a tree will fall on our house. We have lots of trees. 

I have gathered a few things together, you know, just in case. Mostly I made sure that I had a few gallons of bottled water, a flashlight (someone please remind me to get batteries tomorrow!), a pack of disposable diapers, important papers located and in case we have to evacuate, I scrubbed the house, did all the laundry and packed up some emergency knitting. I also took pictures of our household goods. Mostly the fabric stash and sewing machines. I figure the more prepared I am the less likely we'll actually have a significant storm. 

I'll try to update tomorrow when we know if the storm is just going to brush by us or if it's going to barrel in and take up residence.

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