Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I totally forgot to link up with Rachel's Scrap Attack yesterday!  That's what finally motivated me to take this project from drawing to actual, real live quilt.  That and finally figuring out how to start it.  Even when I had it sorted out in my head, I was still skeptical.  But it's working out. So far.

Scrap Attack Quilt

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Scrap Attack {String Fever}

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scrap Scraps

Today I finally finished cutting out 2 1/2 inch strips for a new quilt.  I drew up the plans for this fella a couple of months ago.  I knew that I wanted it to be made out of scraps of vintage sheets and be amazing.  So far, so good.  

First came the scraps.

Vintage Sheets

This stack of beauties came from Jeni.  She was having a sale. . . so all six of her rainbow scrap stacks came to live at my house.  I'm a sucker for a sale.  Especially on fabric. Or yarn. 

Then came the cutting.

Vintage Sheet strips

At first I was keeping things nice and orderly.  Cutting one finicky scrap at a time and meticulously folding each strip and placing it on the stack. . .

Then I got bored.  The scraps were like "What the heck man? Neat, schmeat, just toss us in!" So I did.  I threw caution to the wind and started cutting three at a time and then shamelessly tossing them on the pile.

Messy Vintage Sheets Strips 

Even Danger got in on the action.


This is where I'm at so far today.  

Scrappy Strip Set

I can't wait to get these sewn together.  I have no idea how exactly this is going to come together but I have faith that it will. 

I even have plans for this pile of scrap scraps.  Crazy, right?

Scrap scraps

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scrap Mail

Lately I've found myself drawn to the scrappier side of town.  I love the endless combinations, the possibility of bold contrast or sweet subtlety, the play on colors versus patterns and the surprisingly pleasing busyness of it all.

In every day life I like things tidy, simple and clutter free.  Emphasis on the clutter free.  I am by no strange stretch of imagination the queen of organization but I like my disarray well hidden behind a facade of neatness.  So it surprises me a little that I'm happy being scrappy. (I know, I'm so punny). 

So finding myself inspired to create blissfully scrappy things and sadly lacking in the scrap department I did what any young, confident, good looking crafter would do in my position, I bought some.  Hawthorne Threads offers scrap bundles for a very reasonable price.  I ordered a pack of each of their three offerings: cool, warm and fresh. 

This is what I got:

Scrap Packs

Fresh Scrap Pack

Cool Scrap Pack

Warm Scrap Pack

Scrap Packs

A wonderful assortment of beautiful, current fabrics.  I'll admit, the packs weren't as scrappy as I was expecting but I like the feeling that I have enough of each piece to finish a project.

I have more scraptacular goodness planned, I can't wait to share!