Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scrap Mail

Lately I've found myself drawn to the scrappier side of town.  I love the endless combinations, the possibility of bold contrast or sweet subtlety, the play on colors versus patterns and the surprisingly pleasing busyness of it all.

In every day life I like things tidy, simple and clutter free.  Emphasis on the clutter free.  I am by no strange stretch of imagination the queen of organization but I like my disarray well hidden behind a facade of neatness.  So it surprises me a little that I'm happy being scrappy. (I know, I'm so punny). 

So finding myself inspired to create blissfully scrappy things and sadly lacking in the scrap department I did what any young, confident, good looking crafter would do in my position, I bought some.  Hawthorne Threads offers scrap bundles for a very reasonable price.  I ordered a pack of each of their three offerings: cool, warm and fresh. 

This is what I got:

Scrap Packs

Fresh Scrap Pack

Cool Scrap Pack

Warm Scrap Pack

Scrap Packs

A wonderful assortment of beautiful, current fabrics.  I'll admit, the packs weren't as scrappy as I was expecting but I like the feeling that I have enough of each piece to finish a project.

I have more scraptacular goodness planned, I can't wait to share!


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