Thursday, January 5, 2017

What 2017 Brings. . .

I'm not sure what will be in store for me this year. 2016 was full of changes and surprises and I expect that 2017 will bring more of the same.

We are still homeschooling both kiddos. They seem to be thriving and enjoying the journey so far. Danger asked last night if we could homeschool him for college. My husband told him that probably wouldn't be an option but that he could live at home for college if he wanted. I love that at 6 he's already thinking that far ahead!! On the other hand, Chickadee is over thinking college. She's only 12 and yet manages to stress herself out trying to decide not only which college she will go to, but exactly what she plans to study when she gets there. We need to help her find a balance somewhere between sloth and panic.

Work-wise, I'm still a Realtor in my local area. It's been keeping me extra busy in my "spare" time. I even managed to get a few knitting commissions! People at work saw me knitting at my desk, wanted Christmas gifts, and were willing to pay a fair amount for the work. Working and knitting? Heaven!

My YOTH (year of the hat) 2016 is over. I made 10 hats and 2 pairs of mittens before Christmas. In between I made another Lady Eleanor and a split brim hat for Danger. Not bad for this busy Mama.

In 2017 my plan is to use up the sock yarn I have hoarded over the years. You know, the "good" stuff. There's some "just okay" yarn in there too, I'm sure. Obviously my first choice is to knit socks. Any leftovers will make preemie hats. And leftovers after that are going to make some linen stitch scarves. I really love the way linen stitch looks.

I have some sewing goals as well. Unfortunately my time to sew is limited. Having a "real" job is eating my days! I'm sure I'll manage to make some room in the schedule somewhere though. I'll keep you updated. . .


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