Saturday, September 24, 2011


I finally finished my entry for Celebrate Color this month. Just in the nick of time too. The deadline is Monday!!! I knit these teeny-tiny little shoes for a certain little baby in my life. (No, not Gus) I think the colors are perfect for a little girl's Fall wardrobe and I love the little leaves! They took way longer than they should have, mostly because I've been scatterbrained for the last few weeks.  I think I have myself back together though and I'm looking forward to finishing up some other great projects that have been neglected lately.

I've been thinking about starting a new "thing" for myself. I've named it "Finish It Friday". The plan is for me to finish one project in its entirety every Friday. This could be one new project or finishing up one of those UFO's I have hanging around. We'll see how it goes. . . My project this past Friday was finishing up these adorable little booties. I love their buttery soft silkiness. This yarn is The Fibre Company's Road to China Light. Heaven in a skein I tell you! The pattern is "Tiny Shoes" from Ysolda Teague.

The next project on my list? My very first mug rug to swap. I'm trying to decide between two completely different Halloween designs. I'll probably end up doing one of each and then sending whichever one turns out the best. I'll keep you posted!