Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mosaic Contest

Rachel over at Stitched in Color has joined together with Fresh Modern Fabric to create a mosaic contest titled "Softly in Black".  The original palette submitted by Rachel was inspired by a quilt from Anthropologie. A store that I love but can rarely afford! This is what I came up with for the contest.

Soft Black Palette

  My inspiration came from the middle(ish) fabric with the cute house and bold colors.  I love that piece.  And I love how black seems to make everything else jump out at you.  It is so much fun to play with color and be inspired by other people's color choices. Come on over and join the fun!


  1. I like your fabric choices! Fun and pretty!

    We both liked the rain and the city skyline... It is so cool to see how we come up with the different combinations .


    1. The rain was the first fabric I was drawn to. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks beautiful, and the central print was a great inspiration!