Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, it looks like I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging.  Fortunately there was plenty of sewing, knitting and other craftiness going on behind the scenes so I have a lot to share.  My "Six Projects in Six Weeks" went pretty well despite my failure to blog each week. 

The first week I shared my Entrelac Pillow.  Then I fell off the face of the earth   was abducted by alien invaders    fell into some quicksand   finished my purse with that great Floralicious fabric I snagged while in Ohio last time.  I used the Tahiti Tote pattern by Pink Sand Beach Designs.  I didn't get any progress shots but here are some finished ones.

Floralicious Bag

My favorite part is that outside pocket is actually two pockets.  There's the little zippered pocked on the outside and an open pocket behind. Genius. 


Inside, more pockets!!  Six more.  I'm hoping that all these pockets will help keep my organized. Yeah. Right. . .


The pattern was fairly easy.  I did email the designer because apparently I can't read a pattern at 2am.  I kept trying to make my lining bigger than it was supposed to be.  And yes, the correct measurement was clearly written in the pattern, and yes, I did misread it four times.  (Nothing that a little chop with the rotary cutter wouldn't fix)  The designer was really great about emailing me back quickly, even though it was totally my mistake.  My only other advice is to use a walking foot for all those layers.  There were a lot of layers! 

Uh-oh, my family is waking up.  I guess I better go make some breakfast.  I'll be back tomorrow with another completed project.  See you then.


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