Friday, May 29, 2015

Orange Binding

I must really like orange binding.  I finally finished my Cheer quilt from {insert random mumbling here} with orange binding and I bought this orange fabric to finish another Cheer quilt.  

It feels good to finally have a completely finished quilt to send off.  I'm looking forward to getting the others done very, very soon, so that I can move on to other projects, guilt free. What other projects you say?  One out of necessity, and one out of desperation. Desperation on so many levels.  

First, I pulled this fabric to make myself a new wallet.

 It's classic, summery, patriotic, and perfect.  My old wallet, which I loved, literally fell apart last week.  I was in denial about the sad shape it was in and I'm still in a little bit of denial that it's actually gone.

Second, I'm jumping on the bandwagon with Blue Elephant Stitches, and quilting through Simply Retro.  I was going to go with her first choice, Sunday Morning Quilts, which I already own, and my first choice, but I checked Simply Retro out at the library and fell in love.  My only rule is that I cannot buy any new fabric.  Not even when it's "necessary" to finish a quilt.  I HAVE to work from my stash only.  Even if it means that my quilt will not be "perfect".  I have so many lovely, and not so lovely, fabrics that I need to use up. I know that it will feel good to purge in such a delightful way.  I pulled these fabrics for the first quilt in the book, Swell:

I bought this set from a quilt shop that was going out of business a few years back. At the time, I "loved" this fabric. Now, not so much.  It's just too dark and not my style.  Of course I bought yards, and yards, and yards of it.  I'm hoping that one quilt will be sufficient to eat up all the yardage.  It might be a large quilt. . .

With all of this sewing going on, I'm starting to feel a wee bit better.  Let's hope I can keep it up, orange binding and all.

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