Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Living Joyfully

Live joyfully.  That's my mantra lately.  It's hard to actually do though.  Especially when everyone else seems so, not joyful.  Miserable actually.  Mama is unhappy living with us, the kids are stressed, and I feel like all the eggs keep falling out of my basket.  I'm barely holding it together here people. I am not naturally exuberant.  And yet. I'm trying to stay calm and cheerful.  I'm falling dreadfully short of the "joyful" that I'd like to be, but I feel like I have to balance the gloomy, spiteful, melancholy, self-pitying beast that comes out at our house sometimes.  

Wow, I'm such a downer today.  Sorry about that.  It feels good to vent just a little bit though.  Let's move on to actual joyful things, shall we?  First, THE LIST.  I'm feeling great about that.  The Wizard of Oz is over!!! Yay!! We all survived and nobody had to go on stage nekked, so it's basically win-win.  The difference between naked and nekked, you ask?  (You didn't but I'll tell you anyway.) Naked = no clothes.  Nekked = no clothes and you're up to something.  Yes, I do need a cup of coffee right now. Back to the list, revised of course.

1. February Bee Blocks  
2. March Bee Blocks  
3. Star quilt (just need to finish binding)  
4. Green quilt (top is done!)
 5. Shirts for my boys
6. Plus quilt (top is done!)
 7. Renae's quilt (needs to be quilted and bound)
8. April blocks and quilt
9. May blocks

I have about a zillion things to add, but I want to get through this particular list first.  Then, maybe Jolene over at Blue Elephant Stitches will be ready to start that quilt along. . .

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