Friday, April 22, 2011

Just Because

 So, my little guy has been growing steadily over the past few months. Eight actually. Today he is eight whole months old. How did that happen? He is such a joyful, happy baby. I'm so lucky to have two kids that are happy babies. I'm a little sad to admit how fast Gus is growing out of everything. Including his diapers. It's taken me way longer to let go of his itty bitty newborn diapers than I'd like to admit. I just like looking at them. He was so wee little. But, I finally decided that it was time to give up those first newborn sized diapers and so I sold them. I packaged them up  and put them in the mail yesterday. Just because I added these:

I figure, I like surprises. And I like little bitty knitted things. So. I figure the ladies getting the diapers would like this stuff too. Aren't these just so cute? They each took about an hour from start to finish. I magic looped them both because I thought that the double pointed needles were too fiddly. I used a pattern for the longies and made up the soaker pattern. It took a couple of tries but I finally got it right. So when the Mamas open up their diaper boxes this is what they'll see:
. While I was knitting these up my husband wanted to know what I was knitting them for. Well, I tried to explain to him, they're for cuteness. "Huh?" was written all over his face. Just for fun, I tried again. "I may have married a crazy woman." flashed in his eyes. (I know because I've seen it there before) I sighed and gave up. I think that he just doesn't understand the fun of a simple, little surprise or doing something just for the fun of it. Or knitting for cuteness's sake. Oh, well. At least I have friends who understand. Right?

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