Monday, July 11, 2011

New Projects.

Hey there! I just wanted to share some pictures of my latest projects with you all. I'm having a lot of fun and keeping myself all kinds of busy! I recently reorganized my sewing area and sorted through most of the fabric in the china hutch. My plan is to systematically go through and finish all of the already started projects before allowing myself to buy any. More. Fabric. That's only because this is the only way for me to store. More. Fabric. Do you see where this is leading yet? That's right, More. Fabric. 

Yep, another attack of the clevers bites the dust. Anyhow, back to the pictures. 

baby quilt

I love these colors!
soon to be needle case

As of yet I have the following in various stages of completion:
Quilt for Kaitlyn I finished the top for a long time ago, in 1999, who cares anyway? 
Origami flower quilt
Turkey wall hanging
Dress for Chickadee
Romper for Gus
Renae's Quilt

I have plenty of other projects planned but not started yet. I do hereby solemnly with a somewhat straight face, swear to diligently work only on the projects that I already purchased supplies for. Unless I need more supplies to finish the project. Or just more supplies.

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Funny, I just did the SAME thing last week!! I now have a pile of fabric in the craft room, I mean living room, to attack!! So much fabric, so little time! Hey, are you on Pinterest, by chance??

  2. Oh, I am soooo right there with you...