Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No idea. . .

Really. I. Have. No. Idea. How. This. Happened.

Here's the true story. . .

uh-oh. what just happened?

 what have I done?

cheerful whistling will somehow disguise the fact that somehow 


 somehow just showed up in my online shopping cart. 

THEN, it had the actual nerve to arrive, completely unannounced yet somehow addressed to me, at my house. Hoo-rumph!

(I'm just kidding, wonderful Mendocino fabric. You know I couldn't resist your charm and charisma. Plus, the mail carrier saw my happy dance from the mailbox to my front door. Not even joking about that.)

It's not exactly cheating on my fabric diet. I did say that I could buy supplies for projects that need to be finished. Well, this is for the bathroom project that certainly needs finishing. My plan is to frame a few of my favorites. (but how to decide which are my favoritist favorites?) The rest will be cut up, added to and made into a shower curtain. I love them. All of them. Here are a few more pictures. Look at your own risk. You may end up wanting them too. . .

This was a completely true story. Even the bit with the coffee stain.

What I learned from this:
1. You can't trust that Mendocino line. It has a mind of it's own and it does what it wants. Including following me home.
2. Be careful where you set your coffee when blogging.
3. I am a way better artist than I thought. My actual office chair is not that nice.

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  1. I have a tiny bit of this fabric line and LOVE it too! I can't wait to see the "after" photos of the mermaids in the bathroom! http://www.turtleweenies.com/?p=791