Monday, January 30, 2012


The alternative title for this post was "Who Knew".  Not me.  I don't know how many of you have had the great pleasure of grocery shopping with small children but in my experience, it's always an adventure.  The other evening I was happily shopping with one very helpful seven year old and one very ambitious 17 month old.  Gus spent most of the trip running down aisles and avoiding the "horrible moving chair of doom and despair", otherwise known as "the shopping cart".  He hates being strapped in that thing.  He had moments of helpfulness though.  Like the four apples he managed to throw into the cart along with other random assorted things I didn't need.  The $8 bottle of conditioner I will never use but now own because he missed the cart and broke the top off for instance.  I thought I had managed to intercept all of the things that Gus thought we might need so I was a little surprised when I was unloading the cart at the register and found the little bag of treats.  To be more specific, it was a little bag of "Carob Hawaiian Spirolina Energy Chunks".  (If you are unfamiliar with spirolina, it is a blue-green algae that is supposed to be fantastic for your health.)  I bought the chunks because I was just too tired to fight it and I figured the dogs would like some healthy carob treats.  Once home I pulled the treats out and convinced Chickadee to split one with me.  She gave me a look that said "These are going to be really gross and I hope we don't die from yuck poisoning".  Which was pretty much how I felt about the whole thing.  So we bravely popped our half of chunk into our mouths and began to chew.  Surprisingly, we didn't die from yuck.  Even more surprising, they were good.  Not as good as say, the Lemon Pudding Cakes we had for dessert last night, but okay.  Gus loves eating his "treat" and really, they're Carob Hawaiian Spirolina Energy Chunks, so I don't really mind so much when he wants three before lunch. I guess the lesson of the day is: Let Your Toddler Do the Grocery Shopping Every Now and Again.  Or you could just be brave and try something new. 

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