Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday wips

The first week back at school is just about over.  I'd like to say that now that it's Friday we've hit our groove and have a decent routine down.  Sadly, it's not true.  I could say it, but it would be a lie.  Even if I did have a pretty good routine this week, next week is going to be so crazy it would be impossible impractical to keep it.  This week we just had to get used to getting up, getting ready and heading off to school every day.  Next week both of my kids start dance (that only takes up three days a week).  Yes, Gus is taking a dance class.  He loves dancing.  Loves.  With all his wee little heart.  How could I say no?  Plus we'll have Girl Scouts, Nutcracker practice and some other stuff thrown in for fun.  Yikes!  But my crazy schedule is not what I intended to blog about today.  I wanted to show off a few of the projects I'm working on.

Thanks to the encouragement of a friend I'm finally finishing up this cowboy quilt that I started about 6 years ago.  Maybe 7.  I had to rip apart several nine patch blocks that I had already sewn and were the reason I set the quilt aside in the first place.  Happily, all the blocks are now sewn back together in a much more pleasing arrangement and the top is almost finished.  Hooray!

Cowboy Nine Patch

I've also been working on these very fun granny squares.

Silky Granny Squares

 It's been so long since I crocheted anything.  I forgot how quickly it goes.  I've had a crush on an afghan displayed on the show "Parks and Rec" that hangs on the back of Ann's couch (if you watch the show you know the one I mean) and I had several colors of Malabrigo Silky sitting around from this project:

So I decided to put them together.  Now a silk/merino wool blend is not something I would normally choose for a throw but since I already had several partial skeins it didn't seem quite so blasphemous.  I need a couple more colors, like red, to round out my collection but the granny squares are coming along nicely.

I also started this knitting project:

Ishbel Beret

The Ishbel Beret by Ysolda Teague in Madelinetosh Pashmina.

And this one:

Recycled Sari Yarn Scarf

A simple linen stitch scarf from some yarn in my stash.

And I laid out some fabric for a Gus quilt:

Modern dino quilt

Now that I have a just a few projects started, let's see how many I can finish this year. . .


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