Tuesday, April 1, 2014


You never really think about your thumbs.  At least I didn't.  Turns out, they're pretty important.  Unfortunately, I learned how important when I couldn't use my right (dominant) thumb.  Let's just say it involved a tiny rotary cutter, a slip, my thumb, and four stitches.  I won't gross you out bore you with the gory details. 

So, there was no sewing, typing, dish washing, or any other fun (or not fun) thing involving the use of my thumb for awhile.  Fortunately my stitches were out a couple of weeks ago and I'm finally able to catch up.  Phew!

Just in time to get my bee blocks sent off to the March quilter from the Cheer group.  And in time to finish my Cheer quilt from awhile back.  I did get some lovely fabric in the mail to make my block.  Want a peek?  

Low Volume Fabrics
From the top: 
  Mini Mustache in Black and White, Sprinkled in Morning, Suvi in White, Line Leaf in Khaki, Maison in Nite, Graph Paper Garden in Charcoal, Little Blomster in Mist, Pearl Bracelet in Taupe Pearlessence,

I've needed some low volume fabrics for quite awhile now and just haven't gotten around to ordering any.  I was searching for the perfect already-made bundle but it wasn't happening.  There are some lovely low volume bundles available, they just weren't calling my name, if you know what I mean.

  Then one day, I opened the home page over at Hawthorne Threads and there was an amazing group of low volume fabrics.  Ah! Perfection!  I ordered several half yard cuts and promptly made these blocks for my March assignment.  

Cute, right?  

April is my month and I'm so excited!!!  I've chosen to do the popular X & + quilt in fresh, springy greens.  Like so:

I can't wait to get all that happy mail.  I promise to share the goodness as they come in this time.  Until then, watch those thumbs. . .

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