Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Week

Easter week was so, so busy!  I actually managed to get a good bit done.  We even made it to the 6:30(AM!!) sunrise service at church.  Here's a little montage of our week, if you will.

Knit Acorns

I finished about a million acorns.  Okay, it was like 15.  But still.  That giant one counts for at least 10 right?

Oliver and S Ice Cream top with Brownie Goose Sailor Shorts

I made this Easter outfit for Chickadee.  The top is an Oliver and S pattern (Ice Cream Dress) and the shorts are from Brownie Goose on Etsy (Sailor Shorts).  Both patterns were fantastic, with easy instructions and they came together amazingly well.  For the shorts, I added pockets following this tutorial.  The only modification I made was to make the front of the shorts a little wider.  Best of all Chickadee *loved* it! 

Back detail.

Pocket trim.

Staple Dress

I made the Staple dress for myself.  It looks great with the belt.  Without?  What do you think?

Staple Dress

Yeah, not so much.


We made some Italian Easter bread.  I used a challah recipe from my "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" cookbook. (Thanks again Peggy!)  The eggs are a lovely, natural blue from a local farm.  Danger is putting on the egg wash.  Such a great helper!


And we grew our Easter grass.  It grew so fast!  It's actually still growing.  We're going to cut it soon for smoothies.  The kids and I had a great time growing our wheat grass and Chickadee even "homeschooled" a bit without knowing it, even though we're officially finished with our school year.  She was measuring five blades of grass a day and then averaging how tall it was and how much it was growing each day.  She is not a fan of math so the fact that she thought this was fun was truly worth it!  This is definitely a new tradition. I hope your Easter was as wonderful as mine was this year!

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