Friday, March 27, 2015


Upheaved.  That's how I feel today.  I was already so busy and then Mama asked to move in.  How could I say no?  I think I underestimated how time consuming it would be to have her here.  And how demanding she would be.  She needs to have everything done RIGHT NOW.  It's getting better.  We're settling into our routines and getting used to living with each other.  Still.  It's been a more difficult adjustment than I expected.

 I have learned some things about myself so far in this new adventure: 1) I am (slightly) OCD, 2) I truly value my time alone, 3) I crave making things, 4) It is possible to (slightly) resent one of your favorite people. I'm sure that there are other lessons for me to learn here too.  Like patience and understanding, that I'm in desperate need of but that's a story for another day.

It hit me while browsing through some quilting magazines at the local bookstore.  It was like a wave of nostalgia from out of nowhere.  I realized that I missed sewing.  I miss the colors and creativity.  I miss it because my time to sew has been limited to absolutely zero lately.  Every spare minute is dedicated to keeping the house running, the bills paid, the kids clean, clothed, fed and schooled, and Mama.  I do manage to knit a tiny bit while the kids have their swim lessons or waiting at doctors' appointments but it's not enough to soothe my soul.  And boy, do I need some of that these days.

I realized in the past few weeks that to keep my sanity, I need to sew.  So, this week I am reclaiming some time for myself.  Mostly I'll be catching up on projects that have been marinating way too long and my bee blocks for the Cheer Circle.  So that I can (hopefully) stay on track, here is my master list of projects in order of priority.

1. February Bee Blocks
2. March Bee Blocks
3. Star quilt (just need to finish binding)
4. Green quilt
5. Shirts for my boys
6. Poppy skirts (Wizard of Oz play)
7. Glenda dress (Wizard of Oz)
8. Munchkin shorts (Wizard of Oz)
9. Munchkin shirts (Wizard of Oz)
10. Plus quilt
11. Renae's quilt (needs to be quilted and bound)
12. April blocks and quilt

That should at least get me caught up and feeling good again.  I'm hoping to get a great big chunk done this week.  Barring any other intrusions in my already overflowing schedule of course.

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