Friday, April 10, 2015

Forward Progress

Phew!  I'm finally feeling like I'm on track again.  I managed to squeeze at least half a year's worth of sewing into a day.  It was so very therapeutic.  I still have a long way to go but at least I'm on the right road again :-).  Here's my updated list.

1. February Bee Blocks
2. March Bee Blocks
3. Star quilt (just need to finish binding)
4. Green quilt (top is done!)
5. Shirts for my boys
6. Poppy skirts (Wizard of Oz play)
7. Glenda dress (Wizard of Oz)
8. Munchkin shorts (Wizard of Oz)
9. Munchkin shirts (Wizard of Oz)
10. Plus quilt (top is done!)
11. Renae's quilt (needs to be quilted and bound)
12. April blocks and quilt

My February and March blocks are not only finished but actually in the mail and on their way!!  Look

Beautiful March blocks for Cheer!  I think I need these on my mantle permanently!

April Blocks
+ & X Quilt from last year

Plus quilt from October

 Oh, how I needed that day.  It was grey and rainy and the kids were busy cleaning their room.  CLEANING THEIR ROOM. Together.  Not fighting. Mama was napping, I think.  More likely she was watching T.V. in her room. It was blissful.  Spending a whole day sewing again.  Avoiding the chores that still need to be done.  Which I need to go and do now before our company comes in tonight.

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