Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paris Room

Hey there!  I wanted to share these pictures with friends and family and decided that the best way to reach everyone and not compose a million emails was to start a blog.  Wow! I never thought that I would have a blog of my very own.  Wow.  

The Tea Party!

Finding the Gem.
Found the Gem but not the Room.

Chalkboard that still needs to be hung up.

Yes, I did make those curtains!

The Quilt I made!
One Happy Girl and her Cat
So, there we go.  These are the pictures of Chickadee's new room.  I love it. It turned out better than I hoped. I wish I had taken before pictures but you didn't need to see that.

I hope that I can keep up with this blog and continue to post on a regular basis.  And I hope that you enjoyed looking at the new room.


  1. Amber, you did it! and I just love it!

  2. It looks wonderful! Now come help me:)

  3. I lurke on the Ravelry Salty Sheep site. Where does your daughter take violin lessons? I did now know anyone around here taught Suzuki.

  4. Amanda, we drive to New Bern for violin lessons. We have a great teacher there and Katie loves it!