Saturday, April 21, 2012


As part of my endeavour to be more organized this year I have cleaned up my sewing area (which is an extension of the living room :).  I've sorted fabrics and notions and re-invented my fabric hutch. 

Sewing Area

 I know by now everyone has seen this idea of "mini bolts" on Pinterest or elsewhere on the internet but if you haven't - of course it was my completely original idea. . . By standing my fabric up this way I have loads more room.  That means no more fabric furtively hidden creatively stored in Gus' closet.  I may or may not have recently bulked up the stash to make up for this sudden empty space.Having my sewing area organized this way makes me feel more creative and it definitely entices me to work on projects more. What does your sewing area look like?

Sewing Area

Sewing Area


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    1. Thanks! It's my own little oasis. Except for the toys. . .