Monday, April 30, 2012

April Showers

Well, the Super Secret Project is going much slower than I anticipated.  Mostly because I make a mistake every single time I sit down to sew on it.  It's like this project doesn't want to be done.  Argh! To take a little mini-micro break I started another project. 

You know the old adage about April showers bringing May flowers?  This year those showers are also bringing. . . Christmas.  Yep, Christmas.  You see, I realized the last couple of years that deciding in October to only give handmade gifts for the holidays isn't really working.  Especially since I would usually decide to knit 12 pairs of mens' socks. Starting in November.  Totally possible, right?  Maybe, but not for me.  So this year I want to be more on the ball.  I have all my materials purchased (I hope) for Christmas gifts this year.  I made my list, checked it twice and now I'm ready to work. 

My plan is to knit several (like 6) pairs of socks and make some handbag/wallet combos and a few other little gems.  I think it's reasonable to knit one pair of socks and sew 2-3 small projects a month.  That should have me done around Thanksgiving.  Possibly.  Probably.  If I stay on the ball.  I'm hoping that by posting my progress here I'll be more accountable, if only to myself. 

The first Christmas project on my list is a pair of socks for my father-in-law.  Aaron chose the yarn from my stash last night and I wound and divided my balls.  I'm using the Java pattern from Knitty and knitting two-at-a-time.  Now when I get frustrated working on the Super Secret Project I can do a few rows on these socks until I calm down.  Like now. 

Fred's Socks 2012

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