Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shark Shorts

Summer must be officially here.  That's why Mr. Sunshine has sharks on his bottom.  I whipped up his first pair of Mama-made shorts this morning and he couldn't wait to try them on.  Now it might be impossible to change his diaper but I'm thrilled that he likes them so much.  I used the Flat Front Shorts pattern and tutorial offered by Dana over at Made.  The pattern is very simple, cute and free, what more could you ask for?  My only issue with the pattern is that the rise in the back is too short for Gus.  I'm sure that this is due to either an error on my part, the cloth diaper he was wearing, or the fact that he has a long rise.  I will be making more of these in the very near future with some minor adjustments of course.  Who else is whipping up cute things for their kiddos this summer?  

Prepare yourself for the cute.  I took a lot of pictures today!


Look at the sharks!  And the marker on my foot. . .

Shakin' the booty.


"That's all folks!"

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