Sunday, June 24, 2012

This Week

This past week I sent my little Chickadee away to camp for the first time ever.  For the whole week.  She couldn't even call home once.  So just to prove that I didn't wallow in my own sad sadness thinking about children growing up and how much I missed my little girl, here are some not sad pictures.


I bought this fabric for the Quiltcon Challenge.   I love this color palette. I can't wait to get started!


I love this solid Kona cotton with texture.  I definitely see more of this in my future.


I finished my first pair of Christmas socks!  Hoo-Ray for me!! 


I started my second pair of Christmas socks.  I'm hoping that they won't take as long as the first pair.  Of course it would help if I quit ripping them out. Darn gauge.

Cathedral Window #1

This is my practice Cathedral Window.  I'm going to make this one into a spiffy little wall hanging, possibly for the kitchen.  After that I'm going to make that shower curtain I promised forever ago.

Mendocino Fabric

I found this fabric at Lark Cottons for way cheap!  And there's a whole yard of the brown octopus fabric and almost an entire yard of the seahorses.  Score!!  This is from the Heather Ross Mendocino collection that is now out of print, difficult to find and very expensive when you do find it.  I'm using this fabric to make the shower curtain for the hall bathroom.  In case you're tempted - it's all gone now. 


I made this dress for Chickadee while she was away.  I used the Agnes pattern from the Girls World book.  I made the 8-10 size which came out a little on the large size.  I probably should have measured her before I cut.  Oh, well.  That's what she gets for leaving me for Girl Scout camp two hours away.  

Nope, I didn't miss her a bit.  At all.  At least not so much that I gave myself a billion projects to  keep busy.  Of course not. . .

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