Sunday, July 8, 2012

It Worked!!

This year I tried something different in the garden.  I planted a "Three Sisters Garden" in one of my beds.  A Three Sisters Garden is basically just a patch of corn, beans and squash planted together.  I've been interested in companion planting for a few years now but haven't put much effort into it.  The idea with the corn, beans and squash is that the nitrogen-fixing beans will feed the nitrogen-loving corn and the corn provides "poles" for the beans to climb.  The squash acts like a mulch to keep weeds down.  I was skeptical that it would work.  Not that a Three Sisters Garden would work but that it would work for me.  

When I went out to weed last night I found this:

Garden 2012

It worked!  My beans, corn and squash all look great and the beans are actually climbing the corn!  I know that it probably makes me a big nerd but I am so excited!



 In other news, my tomatoes are sad.  Tomatoes have been the bane of my gardening existence for the past three years.  I think I have wilt.  Which goes away after something like 20 years.  {It's actually 3-5}.  This year several large, strong looking tomato plants sprung up in the garden on their own.  I'm fairly positive that the seeds were in the compost that I spread from my compost pile.  We've harvested tons of tomatoes so far and I thought that either: 1) The tomatoes came from a wilt resistant line or 2) I don't really have wilt, something else killed murdered assassinated my tomato plants.  Now many of the plants are dead or dying and I'm stumped again.  Now I think I may have a pest in the soil.  I may send one of the plants off with a soil sample to the state extension office.  Maybe they can tell me what's going on.  

I haven't been stitching much this week.  I've been planning lots though.  I'm working on my very first tutorial.  I'm very excited to share that with you next week.  It happened while I was working on Christmas gifts.  I also joined a charity quilting bee.  Another first!  I have several other projects in various stages of planning.  I have a feeling the rest of  my summer will be filled to the brim.  Hopefully that means I'll have lots to share.


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