Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Finish

I finally finished this little gift for one of Gus' friends, a sweet little girl who just loves pink and purple.  Little R. just turned 3 years old about 3 weeks ago.  I know, I know, I'm a bad friend.  This present should not have taken so long.  I could have worked on it more but I had a few other priorities.  You know, like feeding my family, scrubbing toilets and pulling weeds and let's not forget the Super Secret Uncooperative Project. 


 The little diapers were really fun to make and pretty easy. Much easier than I expected anyway.  It almost makes me want to sew some soft, luxurious, minkee diapers for Gus.  Almost.  Maybe for his birthday I'll sew him one or two.  Although, I'm hoping that by his next birthday we won't be needing diapers anymore.  Please, no one tell me that I'm living in a fantasy world.  I want to hold on to the hope that I can potty train Gus before he's two.


 The pillowcase dress will hopefully fit her brand new American Girl doll.  The pattern was well written and best of all, free.  I found it at Liberty Jane Patterns. My little Chickadee says that she's next on the list for some doll dresses.  She approved this one with two thumbs up!  I think that she'll have a great project to work on this summer. . .


Tomorrow I'll have to show you what I got for my birthday this week.  I'm very excited!

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