Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So, in light of my New Year's resolution, I planned to blog way before today.  However, despite my best laid plans, the universe conspired against me.  I had a beautiful project to share, my first finish of 2013, my own pattern and of course wonderful pictures.  Alas, when I sat down to blog, my camera rejected me.  Apparently it was too full to do anything but stare at me.  Yeah, I got the 'ole stink eye from my camera.  Creepy right?  Then my computer spaced out.  Like the lights were on, but nobody was home. It was very frustrating. 

Well, I finally figured out the computer and by figure out I mean threw it out the window reset the beast from safe mode.  Then I tackled the finicky camera which was still staring at me with it's beady, glassy, one eye.  I fixed that by purging all the photos.  Luckily, they all made it onto my computer (not that I feel that secure about having them there. . .). 

Anyhoo, while I was waiting for the 400+ photos to evacuate my camera, I discovered that Rachel over at Stitched in Color (one of my favorite blogs), is hosting another one of her fantastic contests.  This time it's another mosaic contest.  The basic idea is that you chose a select number of fabrics within a certain theme and put them together in a mosaic.  At the end two winners will be chosen to receive a half yard bundle of each of their fabric choices.  

So to recap, I got to play with color, look at great fabric and I get a chance to win free fabric.  The theme this time is "Emerald".  This is my take on it.  You are allowed to make up to two mosaics so I will definitely be making another one. 

Emerald Mosaic Contest

Don't worry, I'll share my marvelous project tomorrow!

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