Friday, January 25, 2013

Many hands

make light work.  And light is exactly how I felt after dropping this top off the other day. As much as I enjoyed working on this project, it was nice to send it on it's way for the next step.

 Many hands have helped make this quilt top and more hands are involved right now in making it a whole, usable quilt.  This quilt is the one I've been working on for the Quiltcon.  The individual blocks were from the Quiltcon Challenge.  These are a handful of the blocks that didn't make it into the "official" Quiltcon Quilt.  They are all very different and very beautiful.  I love each of them. The quilts will be donated to the Austin Children's Shelter in Austin, TX to be put to good use.

When I laid the blocks out I wanted a scattered yet cohesive look on a plain background.  Sort of like a gallery of art work.  Which it kind of is.  I chose white because it really was the best fit.  It seems wrong to send a mostly white quilt to a kid, but hey, the back of the quilt will be dark at least. 

When I was working on the quilt, sans design wall, I laid the squares out on the floor of my workspace, aka, the living room.  Since I couldn't get the top done all in one go, I used blue painter's tape and a picture on my phone to remember the correct layout as I worked.  I decided in the process that I really, really need a design wall. 

This quilt is being put together by the Coastal Carolina Modern Quilt Guild, just started late last year.  It's our first project as a group and although only a few of us have worked on the quilt so far I know that every guild member is invested in it.  I am very fortunate to work with such talented and generous ladies. I am very excited to see the quilting and to send it off to Austin.  It's due by February 1st and I'll post the pictures of the finished quilt when before I put it in the mail.

Now I'm off to finish my Cheer quilt!  


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