Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I bet you're wondering exactly what the heck boobyhips are, huh?  Let me explain.  Recently I discovered that my hips and thighs were, how should I say this?  Spreading?  That seems appropriate.  Spreading.  Just enough that I don't really fit into my pants comfortably anymore.  It's strange because I'd lost all the baby weight from having Gus. I'm not feasting on chocolate and ice cream everyday.  Although, that does sound pretty good.

It took awhile but I finally figured out what was going on.  I stopped breastfeeding. About a month ago I weaned the little guy.  Gus would still like to nurse everyday and I didn't mind generally, but he only wanted to nurse to go to sleep.  That in itself wasn't a problem for me.  It was the fact that when he fell asleep he would clamp his little chompers down.  OUCH!!! Every. Time. I couldn't take it anymore.  So, no more nursies at our house. 

Of course those nice boobies I had while nursing had to go somewhere after their job was done.  My theory is that they just slid right down to my hips.  My thighs got jealous that my boobs and hips were so close and decided that they would be best friends now too.  Yep, that's what happened.  There was nothing I could do about it.  So now I have boobyhips.  Or hip-boobs.  Sure, I could work out a little more.  Start running.  Take Aaron up on his offer to watch the kids while I go to the gym.  But why ruin such obviously good friendships?  Besides that, it would cut into my already meager sewing time and it gives me an excuse to buy some new pants. 
Now, I'm off to (literally) run to the gym to learn how to work out and sew at the same time.  It could work, right? Can't you just imagine me running in place while sewing?  Squats while basting a quilt together?  Hmm, I may be on to something here. . . . I'll let you know how it works out for me. 

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