Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Viking beat up my White. . .

I've had my new sewing machine for a few months now and while I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the computerized machine, I realized last night that it actually is better than my old mechanical machine.  What brought about this amazing epiphany?  I sewed on my old White.  I was feeling a little guilty for neglecting my old friend these past couple of months.  I couldn't believe how loud and clanky it is.  Did it really always sew that way?  How did I survive all these years?  The presser foot lever I thought that I would miss so much, well, not so much.  I kept forgetting to put it down!  See, the new Viking lowers the foot automatically when you start sewing.  I thought that I didn't really like that particular feature.  Boy was I wrong!  I do like that I have more control with the mechanical machine but the niceties of the the Viking make up for that pretty handily.  So today I took down the White and set the Viking up again.  It'll probably be awhile before I'm tempted to take out the old machine again.  Poor girl.  

I can't feel too bad though 'cause look what I got done. . .


So speedy!!
Only a few more squares to go and I can put the Super Secret project together!  I'm hoping to finalize everything this weekend and have it to it's forever home by the end of next week.  Keep your fingers crossed that Gus takes his nap every day! 

This is my favorite block so far.  I just love the way this project is coming together!!


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