Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pelican Bags

Phew, my weekend flew by so quick I landed in the middle of the week!  I spent Sunday with our Brownie troop making pelican bags for the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter.  Of course it took me until last night to finish them all up.  We ended up with 66 bags to donate.  The wildlife shelter uses the bags to collect and transport wild birds (such as pelicans) that have been injured.  The girls made the bags as part of their community service project.  

Pelican Bag

Tiger "helping"

Which means of course, that I did not get to work on the Super Secret project until this morning.  Time is ticking away people!  I'm getting a little bit nervous about the deadline.  Just a little.  I'm sure it'll be ready in time.  I really don't have that much more to do.  However, we are going to Florida this weekend for a quick visit and I am not taking my sewing machine.  I'm going to be very busy when we get home next week. (What's new?) 

I did get all the pieces done.  It's just the putting them together that's left.  That's not that much work. Right.  I'm going to keep telling myself that until next week, mmmkay?  I love this picture from today.  Next time, I'll have more to show you.  

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