Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Progress Notes

I made it home!   Florida was wonderful, minus the tropical storm.  It was good sitting with my grandmother, catching up and just sitting.  I didn't get much done while there, but on the way I did manage to finally turn the heels on my first pair of Christmas socks.  I'm not going to be done with the socks by the end of the month (tomorrow!) like I wanted but I'm mostly okay with that.  The heels were a secret mind trick that took me a little while to figure out.  The problem was that the gusset decreases were in an odd place and for the first heel my brain just would not let me decrease where the pattern said to.  It was awful.  Once I frogged the gusset back to the heel flap and started over, this time trusting the pattern, it went much better.  That made the second sock go significantly faster.  Like three days faster.  

Now that I'm home I've set the socks aside to finish up my secret project.  Please forgive the cloudy pictures, it's hard to get good light in a tropical depression. 

I should have all but the quilting done by this Friday.  I'm actually hoping to get it done tonight.  The bottle of wine in the fridge might say different though. Happy sipping sewing!

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